Private Yoga Instruction

After many years of having a personal yoga journey of my own I decided to expand my affection and knowledge through my studies at the esteemed Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC where I have earned my certification as a Registered Yoga Instructor. I have also studied the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage at the Integral Yoga Institute NYC. I am certified in teaching Yoga for Cancer patients through y4c. y4c is a specialized yoga methodology that is tailored to address the physical and emotional needs of students going through cancer and its treatments. The y4c method assists students with Cancer to strengthen their immune system through Yoga as well as improve flexibility, strength and overall well-being. I am also certified in Yoga Nidra, referred to as “Yogic Sleep”, is a magnificent form of meditation that encourages deep relaxation and a natural peace. Yoga Nidra is deeply healing and is especially beneficial for people who have trouble sleeping. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful technique to cultivate a profound sense of peace and inner joy. 

A private yoga lesson is the original way to learning yoga for thousands of years.  Every student at any level can benefit from the sole attention and focus of a personalized session. Each class ensures that you are gently guided in a safe and nurturing manner for your specific needs and goals that suit your body and practice. Classes are taught in the Vinyasa style of yoga with a deep relaxation and restorative stretch at the end.  I adore encouraging all of my yoga students to flow and glow to their highest potential. 

I extend much gratitude to all my teachers past and present for putting me on the path and I am super excited to share my passion for yoga with my students. I am sincerely and forever humbled and love nourishing my clients in more ways than one! Namaste, Om Shantih-Yay.
For more information or to schedule a class, please contact me.