About the Chef

I am an avid yogi and a proud graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts Chef Training Program in New York City, and I am very pleased to offer the true goodness of food. Adept in natural foods, which highlights seasonal, wholesome organic ingredients free of artificial additives, with an emphasis of nutritious and well-balanced meals. Sounds healthy? It is! But please don’t be alarmed as the meals are guaranteed to be tasty and full of flavor as well. Healthy cuisine does not have to imply bland and boring food. As a baking enthusiast, I specialize in converting traditional baked treats into healthier and whole grain alternatives; as well, as a fan of the little ones, my specialty is adapting adult recipes into fun and nourishing fare for kids. I am also versed in Diabetic and Ayurvedic cooking. My other passion is to prepare people for culinary success with my Kitchen Detox and Pantry Makeover; I have efficiently organized many kitchens throughout NYC.

I have been cited in Vegetarian Times and Clean Eating magazines.  My recipes have been published in Edible Queens Online Magazine, Naturally-Saavy, Foodista, Tiny Green Mom and Shecky’sI am a contributor for MindBodyGreen, a go to source for yoga and wellness. As for my cooking instruction, I developed a gift certificate for brides and grooms.  Affectionately known as "Cooking 101 for Newlyweds", this charming gift certificate was featured in Get Married and Manhattan Bride magazines. Additionally my teaching experience includes working with Home Cooking NYC and I have assisted numerous recreational cooking classes at the Natural Gourmet and the New School Culinary Arts Program. I have taught many private clients ranging from beginners to advanced, brides-to-be, newlyweds and a number of nannies and housekeepers in Spanish. I also volunteer for the Sylvia Center where I teach children the joys of seasonal eating. I am a member of Slow Food NYC and Women Chefs & Restaurateurs

I am passionate about food and sincerely enjoy cooking and educating my clients on the values of eating delicious, homemade meals. We all need our sustenance; especially those of us with busy, time starved schedules. No one should have to depend on unhealthy take-out and frozen dinners. Whether you want more time on your hands or to simply change your eating habits to healthier alternatives, a Chef can be of great assistance. Best of all, it is affordable…you don’t have to be a "rock-star" to get the special treatment.