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Whether you have been cooking for years or just learning how to boil water a personal cooking class is the perfect and endless way to expand your knowledge in the kitchen. Learning new and flavorful techniques does not have to be frightening.  In fact, adding new recipes and cuisines to your present cooking repertoire can be quite simple; which in turn, makes your kitchen life leisurely and effortless. Personal instruction allows you to custom tailor your lesson plans and each class is done on your schedule. Students are provided with a short questionnaire; consequently, lesson plans and menus are then formulated based on the student’s response. Essential topics have included "Easy-Breezy Dinners", Food Fun With Kids, Whole Grain Baking and the ever popular and resourceful two-hour Knife Skills Class (the most important tool and talent in the kitchen). With a user-friendly approach, a personal cooking lesson can restore and prepare your pantry with the necessary items for your culinary adventures and best of all you learn to use and maximize your kitchen space. Each class is a hands-on experience where you are immersed in all things food; not to mention fun, after all cooking and eating are cause for celebration. Each cook is as good as their ingredients and a cooking class can also include an educational tour of your local market so that you know exactly what to buy and where to find it; and, recipes of all the materials covered are provided. Discover the tools and ingredients that will enrich your meals. A scrumptious feast from the kitchen to the table is within your reach!

Kitchen Detox and Pantry Makeover

If you are confused as to where to begin then a Kitchen Detox and Pantry Makeover is a must! I have efficiently organized and arranged many kitchens throughout NYC. This super resourceful service includes an assessment of your cabinets and an educational shopping tour of your local market so that you can learn how to replenish your pantry with the essential ingredients and equipment necessary to make cooking effortless and fun. This service was recently featured in Brick Underground, a website dedicated to vertical living in NYC

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Class offerings have included

Cooking “101” Basics Class: in this class you will learn two of the most important skills in the kitchen: how to use a knife safely and efficiently; and, how to season your dishes like a professional Chef. The class also includes a list of essential pantry ingredients and necessary cooking equipment. This class is designed to inspire and encourage beginners in the kitchen.

Finger Foods for Toddlers:  Feeding a toddler does not have to be frustrating…in this class you will learn all about tiny yummy foods that appeal to kids and parents alike.

Organic Baby Food: Nothing compares to the quality of homemade baby food. Learn how to make fresh and wholesome meals for your little morsel. Begin a lifetime of wonderful eating habits for your children!

Knife Skills Class: learning how to efficiently use a knife is one of the most worthy skills in the kitchen. In this class you will learn to slice, dice, chop and properly care for your knives and especially your fingers!

Basics: For those who are confused and don’t know where to get started in the kitchen there is help available. In this class you will learn how to properly stock your pantry with fabulous ingredients, what equipment is most helpful and the basics of cooking from boiling water to sautéing and everything in between.

Easy Breezy Weeknight Meals: Cooking at home really is a bargain versus take-out and is tons more satisfying. In this class you will learn to make flavorful dishes that don’t require tons of time or stress!