"Gilda has been a wonderful presence in our household. She has worked diligently to provide both nutritious and delicious food for a family of five people with five very different sets of tastes…Gilda is quiet, courteous and always leaves my kitchen sparkling clean and my fridge filled with wonderful food." 

Georgia F, personal chef client

“Gilda's personalized chef service, is just that! PERSONAL!!! She takes a great deal of care in creating menus to meet your dietary needs, personally hand selects each and every ingredient, feels genuine joy to be cooking for you, and cleans up your kitchen so well, you would never know she was there! (But the delicious aromas and yummy-licious meals and treats left in your fridge give her away!)” 

Jennifer G, personal chef client

“I have been taking cooking classes with Gilda for two months...I feel so empowered! Gilda is so caring and a devoted teacher. Her enthusiasm for food is second to none. I was so fond of her teaching I decided to hire her for my husband's party, my guests were over the moon with the food. I have just signed up for another five classes and would hire again and again for another party. Simply put -- Gilda is the BEST!!”

Margaret O, cooking student

“I was thrilled to receive a newlywed cooking lesson package as one of my wedding gifts.  It was a relief to know that I would have someone to assist me in organizing my kitchen and to learn how to cook a basic meal.  Now, I feel confident that I can cook and my husband can assist too! Thanks a bunch Gilda"

Jane and Simon W.